Dr.Muthu Nachiappan JP

Muthu Nachiappan Audiologist


Muthu Nachiappan JP

Chief Audiologist and owner of VCare Hearing

Muthu Nachiappan JP is a very experienced Audiologist. He has been practicing since his postgraduation in 1999 in various set ups like ENT hospital, hearing impaired school and hearing aid clinics catering to both pediatrics and geriatrics and performing both diagnostics and rehabilitation. His global work experience include serving in different countries such as India, Singapore and in the East Coast of Australia. Muthu, the Audiologist will be in charge of all patient related treatment activities which include diagnosing the client and prescribing relevant hearing solutions, marketing, liaising with referral sources like primary care physicians, ENT specialists, retirement home managers and Health and Safety officers in industries.

Founder’s Message

I have been a practicing Audiologist for nearly 20 years. I chose to become an Audiologist because I wanted to study something different and something useful that I can give back to the society. I have worked in diverse environments like hospitals, schools and ENT & Speech and Hearing clinics. I started my career as an Audiologist and Speech Pathologist at Vikram ENT Hospital and Integral Ear Institute in Coimbatore, South India in 1999. I was the youngest Audiologist trained in Cochlear Implants in India then. I visited Melbourne for a Cochlear Implant training Workshop. That is where I fell in love with Australia and the work ethics here that I wanted to come back and work in Australia. But it didn’t happen soon. From India, I moved to Singapore where I worked for the Singapore School for the Deaf as an Educational Audiologist. In 2002, my desire to work in Australia became real. Since coming to Australia, I have worked for various hearing providers in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. I have worked for all the major hearing service providers, National Hearing Care, Western Hearing Services, Australian Hearing and AudioClinic. I have also worked as a Paediatric Audiologist at Princess Margaret Hospital. I have performed lots of home visits and nursing home visits. I perform outreach Audiological services to Indigenous communities out of Carnarvon and Exmouth along with visiting ENT specialists. I have been visiting Bridgetown and Manjimup Hospitals every month for nearly eight years as an Audiologist. I always had the urge to be independent and reach out to people at their convenient times and convenient places. I always put clients’ needs first. I make sure that every single person who walks into my room walks out happy and satisfied with my services. I try and treat everyone like I would treat my family members. At vCARE Hearing, “v” stands for Valuable outstanding service, Value for Money which means Victory for you as a Client. At vCARE Hearing, its always about YOU and not ME. In my busy life with three beautiful daughters, I still enjoy volunteering. I teach Tamil language to children of Tamil Immigrants at the South Tamil School every Sunday. I have become a Justice of the Peace and hope to reach out to more people in the wider community, just not related to hearing. I look forward to helping you if you need my service at vCARE Hearing, where we really care for “YOUR” Hearing. HAPPY LISTENING