Understanding the 4 levels of deafness

  • 4 levels of deafness

Hearing loss is a much more common problem than you think and it affects millions of people all over the world. The reason that it’s ignored in a lot of cases is because it takes time to notice at first and it gradually gets worse with age. You may not even realise that you’re suffering from it until it is too late and it starts becoming evident.

What You Need To Know About Central Auditory Processing Disorders

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Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD) is supposed to be a type of physical hearing impairment but it does not demonstrate any hearing loss during routine screenings and on an audiogram. It actually impacts the hearing system way beyond your ear. This adversely affects the job of differentiating a meaningful or decipherable message from unnecessary background noise and delivering that information with proper clarity to the brain’s intellectual centres or our Central Nervous System. When you get incomplete or even distorted auditory messages, you tend to lose a key connection with other people and the world in general.

What You Need To Know About Hearing Loss And Memory Problems?

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Hearing loss is a common phenomenon and it could affect individuals across all age groups. The main causes for hearing impairment could be hereditary factors, trauma, ear disease, noise exposure, and most importantly, age. Hearing loss is known to trigger cognitive decline and memory loss in older adults. Audiologists have been seeing a boost in demand for their services by aged clients whose communication issues are triggered by hearing impairment and cognitive decline. For all these aged people, early detection or diagnosis of cognitive decline is crucial as it is mandatory to provide prompt medical intervention and also assure social support.

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