Cochlear Implant and Its Benefits

Cochlear Implant and Its Benefits

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Cochlear implants (CI) are an accepted and popular treatment method for both children and adults who are suffering from acute sensorineural hearing loss. A cochlear implant may be referred to as an effective electronic medical device which would be carrying out the function of your damaged inner ear. A cochlear implant is all about performing the function of the damaged inner ear parts for sending perfect sound signals to your brain. It is different from the hearing aids, as they only make sounds louder.

The cochlear implant comprises an external part which is positioned behind your ear and another part that is positioned under your skin through a surgical procedure. Today, thanks to cutting-edge technology, candidacy criteria modifications, boost in confidence and increased exposure, cochlear implants are readily available to a much wider audience.

How Does a CI work?

The CI would be working by electrically stimulating the nerves that are found in your inner ear.  CI generally comprises two key components. The first part is a microphone that is worn externally and comes with a transmitter system and a sound processor. The second part consists of an implanted receiver along with an electrode system which has electronic circuits for receiving signals effectively from its external system and then transmitting electrical currents to your inner ear. CIs are actually designed for assisting children and adults who are suffering from severe deafness and are slightly or not at all benefited by the use of hearing aids. Even patients with severe nerve deafness could be experiencing benefits by the use of CIs. Follow the recommendations of your audiologist.

Cochlear Implants Benefits

Cochlear implants are used for multiple benefits. Adults quite often experience immediate hearing benefits and would be continuing to improve the quality of hearing during the next three months or so after the first tuning session. Their performances would carry on improving with time but definitely, at a slower pace. The performances of individuals using CIs would be improving gradually over a span of many years. Some of the other key benefits of Cochlear implants are the following.

Remarkable Improvement in Hearing

A Cochlear implant is quite effective in enhancing your hearing but the extent of improvement is not certain. Individuals who have undergone the surgery have reported that there has been a definite improvement in their hearing abilities. In order to lead a happy and normal life, you must be able to hear so the slightest improvement in your hearing capability could boost your morale and overall quality of life.

Regular Schools for Children with CIs

Usually, children with hearing impairment are relegated to special schools meant for deaf children only. But thanks to CIs now children with hearing loss would be allowed to get admitted to a regular school as they are now easily able to hear and integrate themselves seamlessly into the curriculum of a regular school.

Guaranteed Safety

It would be pretty unsafe for an individual with a hearing impairment to roam about here and there as they could land up in hazardous situations without really realising it. You would be warned suitably if you could hear something alarming. It is easier for a person with no hearing issues to get alerted of the potential hazards by listening to various sounds but the situation is just the opposite for people with a hearing loss. Fortunately, when you get a CI, a hearing-challenged individual would be hearing all the sounds around him so he could save himself from perilous situations and stay safe.

Enjoy a Normal Lifestyle

People using cochlear implants are able to perceive diverse sounds including the sound of the slamming doors, telephone ringing, barking dogs, rustling leaves, sounds generated by engines, switching on and off of lights, the whistle of a tea kettle etc. Many individuals are able to take and make phone calls and many such individuals are able to hear and understand speech clearly without resorting to lip reading. Some people are able to watch television better, especially, when they can see somebody’s face. Many people with hearing issues are benefitted immensely by the cochlear implants. They are able to hear the sounds of various musical instruments like piano, guitar, etc. and enjoy the music.


Once you get a cochlear implant on the recommendation of your audiologist, your life would be changing. Generally speaking, the improvement in your auditory perception post a cochlear implant would be varying from one user to another and would be ranging from perfect speech perception to enjoyment of music. Many people have admitted that their lives have become more meaningful and enriched after the successful cochlear implant surgery. This is simply because when you are able to hear, your self-confidence and self-esteem would be enhanced. This would be fortifying your bond and relationships with co-workers, friends, and family. This, in turn, would culminate in expanded social and job opportunities.

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