Methods to Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

Methods to Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

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You must understand that hearing aids would be requiring special care and attention so that they do not malfunction. It could be quite difficult to do without your hearing device if it needs to be sent for repair. Hence, it is mandatory to take proper care and get going with some sort of a preventive maintenance to minimize the possibility of any malfunction.

It is a good idea to pay attention to your audiologist while he is demonstrating ways to take care of your hearing device. Learn how to examine the device and identify issues and ask how you could get a battery tester, listening tube, a drying container and also the forced air blower. You could get more information from experts at your hearing clinic. Here are a few expert tips regarding methods of taking care of your hearing aid.

Perform Regular Listening Checks

You must get into the habit of listening to your hearing aid every single day. You could use the listening tube for listening to the device and ensuring that it is functioning properly and sounding nice and clear. Check if it is sounding scratchy or weak. If yes, then something must be malfunctioning and needs to be looked into and rectified. Your audiologist would be teaching you ways of effectively listening to internal feedback and intermittency.

Examine the Batteries

Generally, batteries are known to last for about a week or even up to a couple of weeks. You may use the battery tester for ensuring that the battery is functioning at its full strength and helping the hearing device to deliver peak performance. It is a good idea to replenish your stock of spare batteries consistently. Store them in any dry, shady, and cool place. You should discard the batteries one by one and remember to handle them with a lot of caution as they are toxic and need to be disposed of properly.

Clean Regularly

You must get into the habit of cleaning your hearing aid with a dry, soft, and clean cloth. Remove all the grime and dirt carefully. You could remove the ear moulds from your device and clean them up thoroughly with a high quality but a mild soapy solution. You need to dry up the ear moulds with the help of an efficient forced air blower and definitely, not a hair dryer. Make sure they are absolutely dry before reattaching them to your hearing device.

Keep Moisture Away

Even though you have fairly affordable hearing aids, remember it would be containing a cutting-edge technology and an advanced circuitry within a minute shell. Any exposure to moisture could cause serious damage. However, the latest models are water-resistant but it is better to avoid wearing them while swimming or taking a shower. If by mistake they are exposed to water, you must dry them up immediately using a soft towel and certainly not your hair dryer. If you reside in a humid place, it is a good idea to store your hearing device carefully in a hearing aid dehumidifier, made especially for the purpose of protecting the hearing aids from harmful moisture.

Keep Changing the Batteries

Remember your hearing aid’s batteries could end up damaging your device if they are left on the device unchanged for a long period of time. There could be some trapped moisture that could be corroding the batteries and damaging the devices. Get into the habit of leaving the battery door open when the hearing aid is not in use. If you know that the device would not be used for about two days or more, it is best to remove the batteries from the device temporarily. Always check and clean the battery contacts as dirty contacts would be responsible for lower performance and a poor connection.

Get Rid of the Earwax

Hearing devices often malfunction because of earwax. You must use a soft toothbrush or a cotton swab to remove gently any debris or earwax from your hearing device. You must carefully clean both the microphone and the receiver. Remember to get your wax guard or wax filter removed and replaced periodically.


The best way of taking care of your hearing aid is by going to your hearing clinic every 4 to 6 months and getting your device cleaned by an expert hearing health professional. Never neglect issues and always take your device to your healthcare provider at once, if you observe something is amiss.

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