Graham Weir – Testimony for V-Care Hearing

“I have been using high powered hearing aids for most of my life ever since I suffered a profound bilateral hearing loss from Meningitis at the age of eight. My latest update to the new Oticon ‘Exceed’ super power hearing aid from V-Care Hearing has been a life changer for me. Thanks to the new direct streaming technology in this aid I am now able to hear my phone ring, even if not in the same room, and I can now converse on the phone with the best clarity I have ever experienced. Additionally, I can now stream audio from my computer directly into my hearing aid without the need for any additional accessory. The difference this new hearing aid technology has made to my life has been life-changing for me.”

Graham Weir
M.A.(Counsl.) (Wash. D.C.) Cert. Aud. (SoA) (Syd.) FACAud.
Consulting Hearing Rehabilitation Specialist