Wise guide to remove ear wax

Wise guide to remove ear wax

Source: Times of india

We get too overzealous about maintaining our hygiene, sometimes pushing the Q-tips as much in our ears as humanly possible. We would still be thinking that this is the right way to go about it but that’s not so! Studies have shown how dreadful this habit can be. Earwax, in fact, protects our ear canals and keeps them lubricated. It is made up of cerumen and has antimicrobial properties that help against infections. However, removing the earwax is a smaller problem. Another, and a bigger problem, is in the way we remove earwax. Studies show that earwax gets jammed too deep in the canal when we use Q-tips that it needs professional help. What’s worse is that this habit can even rupture the eardrum. Wondering how to go about cleaning your ears? Here’s some help.

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